AdventHealth Training Center - CFL

NRP Learning Platform - 8th Edition - Advanced Provider

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HeartSaver CPR / AED / First Aid Check-off: Individuals needing a HS CPR / AED / FA check-off, please call our front office to schedule your timeslot - (407) 303-5288.


BLS HeartCode & Skills Check-off - 2 Step Process:

Please follow the steps below. All online modules must be requested & completed prior to scheduling a skills session.


1) Email using your AH email address to request access Please include the following:

  • Full Name
  • OPID #
  • Employee ID #
  • Department #
  • Please allow 24 - 48 hours to receive access

2) After completion of the online HeartCode BLS Online Module, complete the "Course Survey"

3) Once the "Course Survey" is complete, print the "Certificate of Completion"

  • "Certificate of Completion" must be printed & presented at time of Check-in for course entry

STEP 2: Pre-Register for a CPR Skills Check-off session

  • Click Here to schedule your in-person CPR Skills Check-off
  • Appointments are required, walk-ins' may be asked to sign-up for a session upon arrival
  • Printed HeartCode BLS "Certificate of Completion" is required for course entry

*Rescheduling CPR Skills Check-off*

  • Prospective attendees are only permitted to reserve one (1) Skills Check-off time slot every 400-Days (2-Year renewal Cycle)
  • Attendees must cancel their original appointment prior to reserving a new time slot on a different date, this can be done at the top of the homepage, all reserved slots can be viewed here
  • Please visit the following link to reschedule your CPR Skills Check-off event Click Here


2022 Skill Session dates & locations: Click Here

2022 AHTC-CFL Course Brochure: Click Here


AdventHealth Training Center - CFL is an authorized provider of the American Heart Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Emergency Nurse Association certification courses.

Resuscitation certification courses are open to both AdventHealth employees and the community.

The AdventHealth Training Center is located at:
201 Park Place, Suite 321
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Phone: 407-303-5288
Fax: 407-303-5289

Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

AHA Disclaimer

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS and PALS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA materials, do not represent income to the Association.