BLS Provider Training Course

BLS courses focus on the concepts and skills required to perform high-quality CPR by rescuers in a variety of settings for victims of all ages. Participants will also learn how to respond to choking emergencies.

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BLS course participants will be able to:* Describe the importance of the steps of the Chain of Survival and apply the BLS concepts * Recognize the signs of someone of any age who needs CPR * Perform high-quality CPR for adult, child, and infant victims* Describe the importance of early utilization of the AED and demonstrate appropriate use* Provide effective ventilations utilizing a barrier device and bag-valve-mask device* Describe the technique for relief of a foreign-body airway obstruction for the adult, child, and infant victim.

Intended Audience

Health care provider or anyone requiring a BLS Provider Card

Tip: BLS Curriculum is offered online, with an in-person skills checkoff. To learn about this option click here (link to BLS Skill Checkoff w/ Online Course option)


Read the BLS Provider Manual carefully prior to the course. It contains all of the information that you need to know to successfully complete the BLS Course.

Required Materials:

All the following material(s) are needed for the course:

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Manual - 2020
Rent Cost
$5.00 | Rentals are only available to FLH employees, and must be picked up the day before your class starts.
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What to bring to the class

* 2020 BLS Provider manual* Dress in clinical attire (scrubs)


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